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A part of Ball Holdings and BHI Automotive Group, we are experienced and trained professionals working to provide the best service and sales experience to our customers. We service most brands of equipment and provide inspections to commercial customers that have ALI Certified equipment. We are proud to work with brands like Ammco Coats, Challenger Lifts, Rotary Lifts as well as many others. We are also a sales and service center for Chicago Pneumatic air compressors

We are dedicated to making sure the equipment that our customers use to do their job is safe and trustworthy as well as being the right piece of equipment for them and their colleagues. We provide annual inspections for customers that require their lifts to be inspected to keep their garage up to date with occupational health and safety quidelines. It is very important to us that your lift is working exactly how it is supposed to.

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Parts and Service

We provide full repair service for tire changers, wheel balancers, alignment machines and other shop equipment. We can also provide parts required for your machines like demount heads, rim protectors, wheel lubrication bottles and much more.


We install all models of lifts. We also install tire changing machines, wheel balancers and alignment machines. We can also install a hobby lifts for your home garage.


We inspect ALI Certified lifts that are being used in commercial garages. We provide our customers with a detailed inspection report outlining any issues that are found during the annual inspection. Annual inspections are required as per provincial guidelines.


We can provide customers with the correct lift for what they need to accomplish in their shop. We can also provide a hobby lift for someone just looking to make some room in their home garage.



We offer full-service equipment repairs at competitive price. We can also provide pricing on new equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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